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The Stunning Bambi Lashell
Bambi, simply gorgeous.

5'7", 114 lbs

"10" Bambi Nails the over the shoulder pose ok, maybe "11"


Bambi Lashell Love this suit! Our Favorite shot! wow

Bambi Lashell was Miss Sunset Tan twice, Ms. West Coast (US Globe Nationals), Miss October Vixen ( Miss Aspen and Miss Snow Bunny for Hawaiian Tropic, and Miss Gold's Gym Sexy Fitness Model and voted one of the Top 20 Girls of MySpace!

Bambi can't take a bad photo. Ok, love this look! Hello there.

Bambi worked at Crow Canyon Golf Club in Danville, and Ruby Hills Golf Club in Livermore. Club members still refer to the day Bambi left as "Black Monday". ;0)

Bambi has some long legs....

Bambi was also Hawaiian Tropic's Miss Congeniality! Hot and sweet, we love that!

;0) Fightin' Bambi Wow.



Bambi with Photographer extrodonaire!....Todd Plinke of IN8Photography! Your New Miss Sunset Tan! Bambi Lashell in her wet suit. Thanks God.

That's our good buddy Todd Plinke of IN8Photography with Bambi. Great pics Todd! (man we want his job.) / Bambi wins Miss Sunset Tan!...again! /Bambi all wet!


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